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Prikazuju se postovi od ožujak, 2017

potato salad - krompir salata

excellent potato salad, that is usually prepared with roasted or fried freshwater fish

deviled eggs - punjena jaja

when you say deviled egg, for me it's egg stuffed with egg yolk, mayonnaise and parsley leaves,

homemade mayonnaise - domaća majoneza

cake with plums - kolač sa šljivama

this is an old great recipe for cake with plums, we can use fresh plums in season, but also is fine when made with frozen plums from the freezer, the dough  is with yeast but we work immediately and do not need to wait to rise

spaghetti milanese - špageti milaneze

old fashioned potato soup - krompir čorba po bakinom receptu

for an old fashioned potato soup you need:

cabbage with meat - sladak kupus na moj način

this is my modified version of a dishe from Transylvania called lucskos káposzta (wet cabbage)